Sunday, November 22, 2009

24 October 2007 - During PDHPE

I walk out of my house
Prepared to start the day
I start to walk down the road
To the traffic light
And wait for the signal to go
As i wait i look to the far end
Of the road wondering if you are there
Walking to school as well
But everyday
I get my hopes up for nothing
I never see you there
One time i did but i got too nervous
I didn't say a word
I pretended you weren't there
I acted all happy
But i actually wasn't
I really wanted to talk to you
But i was too scared
Too scared to even say hello
So i just walked away
Ever since then all i've wanted to do
Was see you walk to school
Next time i see you
Maybe i'll be brave
And say hello to you
Without being scared

23 October 2007 - While in my room II

The way you smile with your friends
The way you concentrate on work
The way you look in your glasses
The way you laugh at something funny
The way you do everything you do
Makes me love you even more
The good qualities of you
Is the best thing about you
The way you're so friendly to everyone
Even to a weirdo like me
It's amazing
But deep down inside
I know you're hiding something
Holding something back
I know there's more to learn
About you
A bit of you i've never seen before
I don't know if i'll like this part of you
But i can try to accept it
There's always something on your mind
Something that holds you back
From showing everything about you
I wish that someday i'll be able to
See this side of you
That you're hiding

23 October 2007 - While in my room

No-one seems to understand me
The way i feel for him
They think its childish
They think its stupid
If only they could put themselves in my shoes
They might start to understand
That he is important to me
And that i love him no matter what everyone thinks
He is my one and only love
That can never change
I'm just scared
Scared that you might hurt me
Break my heart
Like everyone else i trusted
Scared that you would make a fool out of me
I fell in love
Which to me is complicated
But worth it
Because i finally know that you're
My first true love
I may not be yours
But you're mine
Which to me is unique
I've never fell in love before
But now i never want this feeling to go away

Saturday, November 21, 2009

23 October 2007 - During English III

Every time i cry
Everyone wonders why
Why do i have to be so sad?
Whenever someone asks if i'm okay
i get so mad and yell
I know i shouldn't put me anger
And sadness on others
They are just worrying
About me, They wonder why
Why do i stay quite after school?
Why do i lock myself up in my room?
Why do i shut everyone out of my life?
They just don't understand
Why i act the way i do?
It's because of you i feel blue
People may think i'm crazy
Some think i'm emo
I think i be both
Emo and crazy
Psyhco and mad
i'm in love with a clueless guy
Who doesn't even have a clue about how i feel
Clueless - i wish he would notice me
Maybe he does he just doesn't care at all.

23 October 2007 - During English II

Why is it every song reminds me of you?
Why is it i think of you
Whenever i'm feeling blue?
Why? Why? Why?
If a song is happy
I still feel sad
If a song is sad
I get even more upset
To me this is odd
Because i want to be happy
But i just end up sad
I've never felt this way
About anyone before
This is the first time
But is this how i'm suppose to feel
Always frowning
Never smiling
Always sad
Never happy
Bottling up my feelings
Never expressing them
Hidden away not shown to the world
If this is love,
Why would you want to be in love?

23 October 2007 - During English

As each period ends
Another one starts
Each class i have with you
i never want it to end
Because every time you're in my class
My heart starts to beat
Faster and faster
And never slows down
Until we separate
And go our separate ways
I start to miss you
But whats the point
Why do i even care
I Don't even talk to you
i get nervous and lose my words
If i had the courage
I would just go up to you
And talk as if nothing's wrong
Pretending that
I don't love you
I don't think about you
I'm not crazy about you
Because that's all i can do
Just pretend

23 October 2007 - During PDHPE II

Just imagine
What would happen if i confessed?
That i love you heaps and heaps
What would you say?
What would you do?
Would you ignore me?
Would you stop being my friend?
Would you accept it?
Would you feel the same?
So many questions
That can't be answered
Until i confess to you
How much i care for you
How you make me smile by just being around
How you make me cry by not being there
So how can i till you all these things
Without sounding stupid
Well that won't happen
Because these feelings are stupid
Cause nothing will change
We will always be apart
And never together
I can't make someone feel the same way
I feel because then it wouldn't be real
I want you to find the feelings yourself
To make the love real.